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Insulation Rebate**

Keeping the heat in and the cold out can be a challenge in Newfoundland and Labrador. Did you know that more than 50% of the energy used in your home is for heating? Insulating your basement is the single best investment you can make to improve the comfort of your home and save money.

If your home was built prior to 1980, chances are you don’t have enough insulation in your attic either. Upgrading your attic insulation will help you lower your heating costs too.

Three Easy Steps to Savings

  • Complete the Insulation Rebate Application Form
  • Download and print the Insulation Rebate Application
  • Purchase and Install Your Insulation
  • Select the materials to complete your project or a contractor to complete the work. Insulation material must be CSA approved and have a verifiable R-value.
  • Rebates will be given on the insulation added to achieve the recommended
  • R-value using the eligible material. Additional insulation may be added to existing insulation to increase the total insulation to the recommended R-value.
  • Rebates will not be paid on insulation beyond the recommended R-value. Rebates will be paid for basement/crawl space walls or ceilings, but not both.
  • Submit Your Application to Get Your Rebate
  • Once your project is finished, submit a completed and signed Insulation Rebate Application to your electricity provider. You must attach your original receipts for the purchase of your insulation material. (Original receipts can be returned by requesting on the application.) Allow up to eight weeks to process your rebate upon submission. Your electricity provider may conduct a post-installation visit before processing the rebate or within 12 months of the application date.

Get Your Insulation Rebate and $ave

Eligibility requirements:

  • Basement walls: min R18 to max R25
  • Basement and Crawl Space Ceilings: min R30 to max R35
  • Attics: min R50 to max R55, (R60 in Labrador)

1Approximate costs. Costs will vary based on size of basement and materials required.

takeCHARGE reserves the right to change or terminate the Insulation Rebate Program at any time.

Is My Home Eligible?

Your Home Qualifies If:

  • You are the homeowner and the home has an active electricity account with Newfoundland Power or Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro that was set up prior to January 1, 2014.
  • Your home is detached, semi-detached, or a mobile/modular home on a permanent foundation and intended as a residence.
  • Your primary source of heat is electric, or if an additional heating source is used, the home has a minimum annual electricity usage of 15,000 kilowatt hours.
  • No other person/contractor has received rebates for the same project.

Applications must be submitted within three months from the purchase date.

Projects Not Eligible Include:

  • Apartment buildings summer homes, cottages or garages.
  • Replacing existing insulation.
  • Addition of attic insulation in homes less than one year old.
  • Addition of basement above grade wall insulation in homes less than one year old.
  • Insulation materials purchased prior to April 30, 2009.
**Information taken from takechargenl.ca, please consult for more info.